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Metallic Blue Scilla - Shimmering Spring - Pack of 4 Coasters

Metallic Blue Scilla - Shimmering Spring - Pack of 4 Coasters

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Dive into the aquatic elegance of "Metallic Blue Scilla - Shimmering Spring - Pack of 4 Coasters." Merging functionality with an enchanting design, these coasters are a homage to the serene beauty of spring blooms and home decor elegance.

Resilient Composition

Imbued with the durability and ecological benefits of cork, these coasters shield your surfaces with grace. The material's natural properties guarantee both a protective barrier and a conversation piece.

Optimal Proportions

Each coaster presents a 96mm square silhouette, an ideal dimension that caters to a variety of glassware, paired with a 4mm thickness that speaks of quality and assurance.

Lustrous Finish

Adorned with a glossy sheen, the Metallic Blue Scilla pattern's allure is amplified, presenting a blend of practicality and visual pleasure.

Eco-Friendly Foundation

The robust cork base not only serves as an effective non-slip surface but also reinforces your commitment to environmentally conscious home decor items.

Artistic Illustration

The "Metallic Blue Scilla" design, with its vivid blues and whimsical flower patterns, transports one to a moonlit garden, where flora shimmers with a subtle metallic glow, adding a touch of iridescence to your dining experience.

Why Choose "Metallic Blue Scilla - Shimmering Spring - Pack of 4 Coasters"?

Aesthetic Allure

These coasters are a celebration of nature's artistry, perfectly capturing the springtime essence with a metallic twist that elevates your home decor narrative.

Functional Elegance

Not only do they preserve the integrity of your surfaces, but they also do so with a stylistic statement that marries the practical with the magical.

Maintenance Guidance

A simple wipe with a damp cloth will keep the vibrant hues and metallic details as mesmerizing as the day they graced your home.

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