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Crimson Affection - Phone Stand

Crimson Affection - Phone Stand

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Infuse your digital life with the warmth of the "Crimson Affection: Love's Imprint" phone stand. A vivid portrayal of passion, this stand features a vibrant blend of red hues that capture the essence of love.


  • Enduring Material: Composed of resilient polycarbonate coupled with metal, it offers a reliable sanctuary for your phone.
  • Heartfelt Dimensions: With a size of 1.4" x 2.8" (3.5 x 7.2 cm), it's the perfect platform for any smartphone, enhancing the experience for iPhone, Samsung, or Google Pixel users with a touch of ardour.
  • Versatile Embrace: Whether propping up for a video call or resting as a stand, it brings convenience and care to your interactions.
  • Finish Variety: Choose a matte finish for a tender, soft touch or a glossy finish to reflect the fiery depth of the design.
  • Vibrant Print Quality: The heart motifs are printed with such vivid clarity that they seem to pulsate with life, ensuring longevity in both design and sentiment.

  • Adhesive Bond: The reusable and washable adhesive backing secures your device with the same tenacity as a lasting romance.

  • Design with Passion: More than just a stand, it's a declaration of love, making it a perfect gift for someone special or a treat for yourself.

Artwork Description

"Crimson Affection" presents an array of hearts in a mélange of reds, from deep burgundy to bright scarlet, creating a canvas that’s reminiscent of love’s many expressions.

Why Choose "Crimson Affection: Love's Imprint"?

  • Symbol of Love: Ideal for expressing heartfelt emotion, this stand is as much a work of art as it is an emblem of affection.
  • Practical Romance: Its easy application and reliable support make it a beloved companion for any smartphone user who cherishes the spirit of love.

Care Instructions

Maintaining the stand's adhesiveness is as simple as a gentle water rinse and air dry, ensuring it remains as enduring as love itself.

Embrace the passion of the "Crimson Affection: Love's Imprint" phone stand, and let your device rest in the arms of love with every use.

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