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Botanical Bliss - Stylized Abstract Flower Design - Sofa Throws

Botanical Bliss - Stylized Abstract Flower Design - Sofa Throws

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From the creative collections of Pattern Symphony, the "Botanical Bliss" sofa throw encapsulates the essence of abstract artistry and home comfort. This piece is an offering that elevates home decor items to a realm of artistic expression.


Luxurious Material: Experience the indulgent softness of 100% polyester fleece from Pattern Symphony. The 300gsm fabric ensures a plush feel that cradles you in warmth, making it a staple among throws and blankets.

Tailored Sizes: Available in three sizes, our throws are designed to drape elegantly across your furniture, be it a snug armchair or a sprawling sofa, providing versatility and style.

Artistic Impression: The one-sided print showcases an abstract flower design that turns your living space into a gallery of modern art.

Seamless Integration: With seam thread colours carefully selected to complement the "Botanical Bliss" motif, the design merges seamlessly with your decor.

Print Perfection: Pattern Symphony's state-of-the-art printing ensures that every detail of the vibrant, stylized abstract flowers is depicted with utmost precision, making each throw a long-lasting work of art.

Envelope in Elegance: Wrap yourself in the comfort of our sofa throws, where functionality meets aesthetic grace, providing a perfect blend of utility and sophistication.

Artwork Description

The "Botanical Bliss" throw is a canvas where nature's beauty meets abstract fantasy. The pattern flows with a fluid mix of colour and form, presenting an elegant dance of flora across a fabric landscape.

Why Choose "Botanical Bliss - Stylized Abstract Flower Design - Sofa Throws" by Pattern Symphony?

Decorative Distinction: This throw isn't merely functional; it's a transformative home decor item that infuses your space with the charm and elegance of Pattern Symphony's artistic vision.

Comfort with Style: Embrace the merger of comfort and design with our sofa throws, ensuring you don't have to choose between aesthetic beauty and cosy indulgence.

Care Instructions

For the longevity of your Pattern Symphony throw, wash in cold water on a gentle cycle with like colours, and tumble dry on low. Keep away from direct heat to maintain the vibrant hues and fabric softness. 

  30'' × 40'' 50" × 60" 60" × 80"
Width, cm 76.20 127.00 152.40
Length, cm 101.60 152.40 203.20
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