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Tulip Medley - Vibrant and Colourful Soft Throw

Tulip Medley - Vibrant and Colourful Soft Throw

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Blossom your living space into a vibrant spectacle with the "Tulip Medley" sofa throw, a colourful masterpiece by Pattern Symphony. This throw is a celebration of spring's vivacity, making it a quintessential home decor item for any vibrant interior.


Luxuriant Material: Our sofa throws are spun from premium 100% polyester fleece, ensuring a 300gsm fabric that mirrors the velvety touch of tulip petals. With Pattern Symphony's throws and blankets, experience a blend of comfort and opulence.

Optimal Sizes: Available in three sizes, our throws provide the perfect embrace for any setting, ensuring they're an ideal fit for cuddling up or as an accent piece.

Radiant Design: The "Tulip Medley" showcases a spectrum of colourful tulips in full bloom, presenting a visual feast that revitalizes your decor with its energetic charm.

Flawless Finish: With seam threads selected to harmonize with the vibrant tulip pattern, the design is integrated seamlessly into your collection, courtesy of Pattern Symphony.

Impeccable Printing: Known for exceptional print quality, Pattern Symphony guarantees that the vivid hues and dynamic shapes of the tulip design are captured with precision, making each throw a durable and eye-catching statement piece.

Comfort in Colour: This throw is the epitome of Pattern Symphony's commitment to functional elegance, offering a cosy sanctuary that doesn't compromise on aesthetic brilliance.

Artwork Description

The "Tulip Medley" is a celebration of nature's palette, featuring a tapestry of tulips that dance across the fabric in a display of spring's joyous energy. The design is a dynamic ode to the beauty of blooming flowers, rendered in a colour scheme that's sure to uplift and inspire.

Why Choose "Tulip Medley - Vibrant and Colourful - Sofa Throws"?

Decorative Dynamo: This Pattern Symphony creation isn't just a throw; it's an explosion of springtime joy, infusing your home with the jubilant essence of tulips and setting a benchmark for throws and blankets that double as decor.

Lively Luxury: Unwind in the lush comfort of our sofa throws, where the spirit of spring's tulips is woven into every thread, offering both visual and tactile delight.

Care Instructions

To preserve the exuberance of your "Tulip Medley" throw, wash in cold water on a gentle cycle with similar colours, then tumble dry on low. Avoid exposure to high heat to maintain the vibrancy and softness of the fabric.

  30'' × 40'' 50" × 60" 60" × 80"
Width, cm 76.20 127.00 152.40
Length, cm 101.60 152.40 203.20
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