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Tulip Medley: Vibrant and Colourful - Sofa and Chair Cushion

Tulip Medley: Vibrant and Colourful - Sofa and Chair Cushion

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Infuse your home with a burst of spring with the "Tulip Medley" cushion, a vibrant addition to our home decor items that brings the joy of a blooming garden right to your sofa or chair.


Luxury Material

The soft, faux suede cover made from premium polypropylene offers both a luxurious feel and durability, ideal for everyday home comfort.

Size Variety

Available in 12" x 12", 18" x 18", and 22" x 22" dimensions, these cushions are designed to perfectly complement any sofa, chair, or seating area in your home.

Artistic Flair

Featuring a double-sided print, this cushion showcases a seamless Tulip Medley, making it a colourful statement piece for any room.

Elegant Functionality

Equipped with a concealed zipper, it combines functionality with a flawless design, keeping your cushions looking neat on any sofa or chair.

Unparalleled Design

The Tulip Medley print is produced with the highest quality standards, ensuring a vibrant and colourful addition to your collection of sofa and chair cushions.

Artwork Description

The seamless "Tulip Medley" pattern celebrates a lively mix of tulips in shades of orange, pink, and yellow, set against a lush green background, embodying the spirit of spring and rejuvenation.

Why Choose "Tulip Medley - Vibrant and Colourful - Sofa and Chair Cushion"?

A Pop of Colour

Transform any space with these cushions, designed to be a focal point of colour, bringing energy and brightness to your home decor.

Soft and Supportive

Not just a visual treat, these cushions provide a soft and comfortable embrace, perfect for unwinding on your sofa or chair after a busy day.

Care Instructions

Preserve the beauty of your "Tulip Medley" cushions by washing them in cold water on a gentle cycle, ensuring they remain a staple in your home decor.

  12" × 12" 18" × 18" 22" × 22"
Width, cm 30.48 45.72 55.88
Lenght, cm 30.48 45.72 55.88


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