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Swirling Autumn - iPad Case

Swirling Autumn - iPad Case

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Introducing "Swirling Autumn - Vortexes of Fall Foliage in Gold and Bronze - iPad Case," a whirlwind of autumnal glory. This iPad cover is not just a protective layer; it is a celebration of fall's dynamic beauty, ready to embrace a variety of iPad models with its swirling dance of leaves.

Universal Features

  • Superlative Materials: From the iPad air case to the iPad pro case, each is forged from materials that honour the splendour of autumn while offering unmatched protection.
  • Precision Engineered Fit: The iPad 9th generation case, iPad 10th generation case, and all other compatible versions boast a fit that's as precise as the spiralling leaves in autumn's gust.
  • Apple Pencil Integration: Each iPad pro 12.9 case, as well as other models, comes equipped with a dedicated holder for the Apple Pencil, ensuring your creativity is always within arm's reach.
  • Microfiber Lining Comfort: The iPad air 5th generation case and every case in the collection feature a soft microfiber lining, offering a gentle touch against your device.
  • Eternal Print: The iPad 10 gen cases are adorned with a mesmerizing, no-fade print that captures the essence of autumn's golden vortexes, retaining its allure day after day.

Artwork Description

"Swirling Autumn" showcases the dynamic movement of fall foliage, with golden and bronze leaves spiralling in a dance that echoes the season's winds. This mesmerizing pattern is a signature across all cases, from the iPad air 5th gen case to each model within the range.

Why Choose "Swirling Autumn - Vortexes of Fall Foliage in Gold and Bronze - iPad Case"?

  • Consistent Elegance Across Devices: Whether you choose an iPad air 5th generation case or an iPad pro 12.9 cover case, the elegance of Autumn's swirls is a constant companion.
  • Purposeful Design: Our cases for the iPad air 5th generation and beyond marry the functionality of protection with the exquisite beauty of the fall season.

Care Instructions

The "Swirling Autumn" iPad air 5th gen case should be cared for by wiping with a soft cloth. To ensure the longevity of the print, refrain from using abrasive cleaning solutions.

Compatible Devices

Embellish your iPad with the "Swirling Autumn" case, compatible with the following models, and let the gold and bronze vortexes of fall protect your device:

  • iPad Pro 12.9 (6th/5th/4th/3rd Gen)
  • iPad Pro 11 (4th/3rd/2nd/1st Gen)
  • iPad 10.2 (9th/8th/7th Gen)
  • iPad Air 10.9 (5th/4th Gen)
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