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Springtime Violet Harmony - Delicate Purple Blooms Design - Sofa Throws

Springtime Violet Harmony - Delicate Purple Blooms Design - Sofa Throws

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Infuse your home with the subtle elegance of the "Springtime Violet Harmony" sofa throw from Pattern Symphony's exclusive collection. This throw features delicate purple blooms, creating a design that whispers of nature's quiet beauty.


Premium Material: Crafted from the softest 100% polyester fleece and featuring a 300gsm weave, this throw is a luxurious addition to our throws and blankets collection, offering comfort and style in equal measure.

Sized for Versatility: Whether accenting a single chair or providing an extra layer of warmth on your bed, our throws are available in three sizes to meet your needs.

Elegant Design: The "Springtime Violet Harmony" throw boasts a pattern of subtle purple flowers, offering a serene and sophisticated touch to any space.

Masterful Craftsmanship: The colour-coordinated seam thread perfectly complements the floral design, adding to the throw's overall harmony and appeal.

Lasting Beauty: Advanced printing techniques ensure that the bloom's delicate hues are captured in stunning detail, providing a durable design that will not fade over time.

Comfort and Grace: Beyond its aesthetic allure, this throw serves as a cozy companion for those moments of relaxation, embodying the essence of Pattern Symphony's sofa throws.

Artwork Description

"Springtime Violet Harmony" portrays a tranquil blend of violets, pinks, and blues, reminiscent of a serene spring morning. The design invites a peaceful atmosphere into your home, making it a perfect retreat from the bustling world outside.

Why Choose "Springtime Violet Harmony - Delicate Purple Blooms Design - Sofa Throws"?

Tranquil Aesthetics: This Pattern Symphony throw sets itself apart with its tranquil design, providing a sense of calm and elegance, unlike any other throws and blankets.

Lavish Comfort: Wrap yourself in the luxury of this sofa throw, where the beauty of spring's delicate blossoms is paralleled by the comfort it brings to your everyday life.

Care Instructions

Maintain the splendour of your "Springtime Violet Harmony" throw by washing in cold water on a gentle cycle with like colours, and tumble dry on low. To retain the softness and colour depth, avoid direct heat.

  30'' × 40'' 50" × 60" 60" × 80"
Width, cm 76.20 127.00 152.40
Length, cm 101.60 152.40 203.20
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