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Spring Symphony - Sofa Throws

Spring Symphony - Sofa Throws

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Unfurl the essence of rejuvenation with the "Spring Symphony" sofa throw by Pattern Symphony. This throw epitomizes the awakening of spring, weaving together the serenity of nature's beauty and the promise of renewal into a must-have home decor item.


Supreme Material: Each throw is crafted from the softest 100% polyester fleece, with a lush 300gsm weave that offers warmth reminiscent of a gentle spring breeze. It's a testament to Pattern Symphony's luxury throws and blankets collection.

Adaptable Sizes: Available in three distinct sizes, our throws are suited to grace any room or furniture piece, from a reading chair to a sprawling sofa, embodying versatility and elegance.

Exquisite Design: The "Spring Symphony" presents a medley of flora that celebrates the beauty of the season. It's a visual ode to the rebirth of the natural world, perfect for enhancing any space with its organic charm.

Harmonious Details: The seam thread is carefully selected to complement the botanical design, ensuring a refined finish that's synonymous with Pattern Symphony's sophisticated style.

Artisanal Print Clarity: Renowned for superior print quality, Pattern Symphony ensures that every detail of the "Spring Symphony" is vivid and enduring, mirroring the enduring allure of spring itself.

Embrace of Elegance: Beyond its visual appeal, this throw offers an embrace that marries comfort with the finesse of a well-curated home, a hallmark of Pattern Symphony's sofa throws.

Artwork Description

"Spring Symphony" is a tranquil composition of spring's finest, from budding blooms to delicate foliage. The palette of soft greens and pastel florals evokes a sense of peace and new beginnings, inviting a breath of fresh air into any room.

Why Choose "Spring Symphony - A Celebration of Nature's Beauty and Renewal - Sofa Throws"?

Nature's Palette: With this Pattern Symphony creation, your home decor will sing with the harmony of spring's vibrant life, making it a standout among throws and blankets for those who value the artistry of nature.

Comforting Canvas: Our sofa throws not only provide a layer of warmth but also serve as canvases for the splendour of the season, ensuring that your space is always dressed in nature's best.

Care Instructions

Preserve the delicate beauty of your "Spring Symphony" throw by washing it in cold water with similar colours on a gentle cycle, then tumble dry on low. Avoid high heat to maintain the throw's softness and vibrant print.


  30'' × 40'' 50" × 60" 60" × 80"
Width, cm 76.20 127.00 152.40
Length, cm 101.60 152.40 203.20
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