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Redbud Tree Blossom - Pack of 4 Coasters

Redbud Tree Blossom - Pack of 4 Coasters

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Embrace elegance in everyday living with the "Redbud Tree Blossom - Pack of 4 Coasters." These artistic cork coasters are a celebration of both form and function, perfectly blending with any discerning home decor items collection.

Elegant Craftsmanship

Experience the seamless blend of natural beauty and practical design. These coasters, with their vivid depiction of the Redbud Tree Blossom, bring a piece of the serene outdoors into the comfort of your home.

Premium Dimensions

Measuring a precise 96mm by 96mm, each coaster sits comfortably under all types of glassware, safeguarding your surfaces with a 4mm thick, durable cork base.

Glossy Aesthetic

A high-gloss finish not only protects but also highlights the intricate details of the Redbud Tree Blossom, making these coasters a functional piece of art.

Sustainable Material

The thick cork base provides a soft landing for your drinks, ensuring both protection and stability, while committing to eco-friendliness.

Artwork Narrative

The "Redbud Tree Blossom" pattern, reminiscent of early spring's bloom, showcases a dance of delicate flowers against a nuanced background, offering a visual feast of colour and tranquillity.

Why Choose "Redbud Tree Blossom - Pack of 4 Coasters"?

A Touch of Nature

Incorporate the beauty of spring into your daily routine. Each coaster serves as a reminder of nature's perpetual elegance, fitting perfectly into any room seeking a breath of fresh air.

Harmonious Design

Selected for its aesthetic appeal and thematic resonance, this set not only complements your home but also serves as a testament to your taste for refined home decor items.

Maintenance Tips

To ensure lasting beauty, gently clean the coasters with a soft, damp cloth, avoiding harsh chemicals to preserve the glossy surface and vibrant colours.

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