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Floral Whispers - Subtle Shades of Violets, Pinks, and Blues - Sofa Throws

Floral Whispers - Subtle Shades of Violets, Pinks, and Blues - Sofa Throws

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The "Floral Whispers" sofa throw, a delicate Pattern Symphony offering, brings a breath of subtlety to the vivid world of home decor items. With whispers of violet, pink, and blue, this throw captures the essence of a serene floral garden in the softest of tones.


Gentle Fabric: This throw is fashioned from premium 100% polyester fleece, a material boasting a 300gsm weight that provides a soft embrace akin to a petal's caress. Amongst throws and blankets, it's a gentle nudge towards relaxation and comfort.

Versatile Dimensions: Offered in three sizes, the "Floral Whispers" throw is versatile enough to adorn a cosy armchair or act as a statement piece on a grand sofa.

Subdued Elegance: The design, with its soft floral patterns, invites a quiet elegance into any room, perfect for those who seek a whisper of nature's beauty in their decor.

Seamless Integration: Expertly chosen seam threads ensure that each throw is a complete picture of craftsmanship, with no detail overlooked.

Vibrant Durability: The subtle yet vibrant design is a result of high-quality printing techniques that promise a lasting impression, wash after wash.

Soothing Utility: More than just a throw, this is a piece of home comfort, offering both warmth and a visually soothing aesthetic that's characteristic of Pattern Symphony's sofa throws.

Artwork Description

"Floral Whispers" portrays a tranquil scene painted in soft strokes of violet, pink, and blue, creating a tapestry that speaks of quiet mornings and the soft hum of a garden at dawn.

Why Choose "Floral Whispers - Subtle Shades of Violets, Pinks, and Blues - Sofa Throws"?

Softness Embodied: As part of the Pattern Symphony collection, this throw stands out, not just for its beauty but for the tranquil atmosphere it promises to bring into any home.

Elegance in Warmth: Enjoy the dual benefit of elegance and warmth with our sofa throws, each designed to be as visually pleasing as it is cosy.

Care Instructions

Maintain the soft hues of your "Floral Whispers" throw by washing in cold water on a gentle cycle with like-coloured items and tumble drying on low. To preserve the delicate fabric and colours, avoid exposure to high heat.

  30'' × 40'' 50" × 60" 60" × 80"
Width, cm 76.20 127.00 152.40
Length, cm 101.60 152.40 203.20
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