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Enchanting Bluebell Harmony - Sofa Throws

Enchanting Bluebell Harmony - Sofa Throws

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The "Enchanting Bluebell Harmony" sofa throw by Pattern Symphony, encapsulates the essence of a spring meadow. As a standout home decor item, it brings the serene allure of bluebells into your living space with an artful poise.


Luxurious Material: Crafted from the finest 100% polyester fleece and weighing 300gsm, this throw is synonymous with comfort and elegance, a true gem within our throws and blankets collection.

Perfectly Sized: Whether draped over a chair or spread across a bed, our throws come in three sizes to accommodate your living space with grace.

Floral Splendor: The "Enchanting Bluebell Harmony" design features an array of bluebells in bloom, each petal and leaf rendered in soothing hues that invite tranquillity into any room.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: The colour-matched seam thread enhances the overall aesthetic, ensuring that every inch of this throw reflects Pattern Symphony's commitment to quality.

Superior Print Quality: Our advanced printing techniques ensure that the charm of the bluebells is brilliantly preserved, making this throw a durable and attractive addition to your decor.

Cosy Elegance: More than just a functional piece, this throw is an invitation to comfort, offering a cosy embrace with the visual harmony of a springtime garden.

Artwork Description

With "Enchanting Bluebell Harmony," experience the gentle tranquillity of a bluebell wood. The throw features a delicate array of flowers set against a calming backdrop, perfect for those seeking a touch of nature's calm.

Why Choose "Enchanting Bluebell Harmony - Sofa Throws"?

Nature's Embrace: This Pattern Symphony creation, is not merely a functional item but a celebration of natural beauty, distinguished from other throws and blankets by its pastoral charm and soothing palette.

Soothing Comfort: Embrace the luxury of nature with our sofa throws, where the essence of a lush spring garden is woven into the fabric, ensuring your space is graced with both warmth and beauty.

Care Instructions

To care for your "Enchanting Bluebell Harmony" throw, machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle with like colours and tumble dry on low. Avoid high heat to keep the fabric's softness and the colours vibrant.

  30'' × 40'' 50" × 60" 60" × 80"
Width, cm 76.20 127.00 152.40
Length, cm 101.60 152.40 203.20
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