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Crimson Cheer - Gilded Garland - Sofa and Chair Cushion

Crimson Cheer - Gilded Garland - Sofa and Chair Cushion

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Infuse your living space with the warmth of the "Crimson Cheer - Gilded Garland" cushion, a luxuriant addition to our range of sofa and chair cushions that promise to add a touch of opulent warmth to your home decor items.


Velvety Comfort

Material: This cushion is sheathed in a soft polypropylene (faux suede) cover, offering a velvet-like feel that invites you to indulge in its comfort.

Adaptive Sizing

Size/Dimensions: Tailored in 3 versatile sizes [12" x 12", 18" x 18", 22" x 22"], these cushions are perfect for adorning any piece of furniture, adding a dash of festive elegance.

Refined Elegance

Design/Print: The double-sided print of the "Crimson Cheer - Gilded Garland" features swirling golden leaves on a rich crimson background, providing a regal and inviting aesthetic.

Seamless Design

Concealed Zipper: A hidden zipper tucks away neatly, preserving the cushion's seamless look while offering practical functionality.

Plush Support

Comfort: Filled with soft polyester, it offers a plushness that cradles and comforts, making it a cherished retreat after a long day.

Artwork Description

The "Crimson Cheer - Gilded Garland" design is a symphony of autumnal splendour, with swirling leaves and festive berries interwoven into a gilded garland that celebrates the richness of the season.

Why Choose "Crimson Cheer - Gilded Garland - Sofa and Chair Cushion"?

Luxurious Ambiance

Benefit: Beyond its plush comfort, this cushion is a statement of luxury, enhancing your living space with its rich, festive design.

Harmonious Decor

Feature: It complements a variety of decor styles, from classic elegance to modern chic, making it a versatile choice for an instant decor upgrade.

Care Instructions

To preserve the lavish design of your "Crimson Cheer - Gilded Garland" cushion, spot clean with care and air dry, ensuring it remains a highlight in your seasonal decoration.

  12" × 12" 18" × 18" 22" × 22"
Width, cm 30.48 45.72 55.88
Lenght, cm 30.48 45.72 55.88


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